Scarecrow Lyrics

"Why Ain't I Running"

I can hear
That highway calling
As I watch the sunrise
Crawling across her shoulder
This is usually goodbye
And yet those words
I just can't find here
As I hold her
She's like no other woman
That I have known before
And it ain't me to
See the morning sun
From this side of the door

Why ain't I running?
Why ain't I gone?
How does she hold me
Without holding on?
In love or a fight
She's stronger than strong
Something's not right
If there ain't nothing wrong
It's got me wondering
Why ain't I running?
Why ain't I gona?

All those words
I left behind me
Praying they would never
Find me and my freedom
But if they stood
Right here beside me
They would never recognise me
For all that she's done

Once happiness was only
Whenever I was on my own
So now why do I feel lonely
Any time that I'm alone

[Repeat chorus]

No, they've never built
A wall that high
Or made a chain that strong
And God ain't never
Made a place
I felt like I belong

[Repeat chorus]